Security for the Modern Workforce.

Quickly improve business agility and resilience with Cognitas' Zero-Trust and Cloud Transformation services and CrossLink Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

Why CrossLink ZTNA?

Find out what sets CrossLink apart from other Zero-Trust Network Access products.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Zero-touch deployment and pre-packaged integrations ensure fast, simple deployment and optimal time-to-value.

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All Applications

A ZTNA platform that requires no compromises: all applications--whether modern or legacy--all users, and all devices are supported.

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Simplified Management

Single point of management and control, and simplified access policy management that leverages machine learning.

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Easy Integration

Extensive out-of-the-box integration with existing infrastructure and processes saves time and cost during deployment.

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Visibility & Control

Complete audit trail of all access events, with real-time alerts, and visualization dashboards for data analysis.

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Adaptive Identity Security

"Least privilege" on a strongly-authenticated identity--not an IP--minimizes the attack surface and reduces risk.

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Use Cases

CrossLink ZTNA: A single platform for all the access needs of the modern enterprise.

VPN Replacement

VPNs no longer meet the demands of the modern enterprise. Replace your legacy VPN with CrossLink ZTNA.

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Third-Party Access

The challenges of third-party access are unique. Embrace unmanaged users without sacrificing security.

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Work from Home

The home is the new office. Embrace remote workers without losing visibility or control.

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