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Trusted Collaboration & Mobility

TCM is an integrated platform that delivers the agility and security today's businesses demand, enabling
anywhere/anytime data access on any device with full security protections and control. learn more +

Integrated Secure Mobility

Leverage the full potential of mobile devices without sacrificing security and control with the
Secure Mobility Suite, an integrated suite of apps and services for the mobile space. learn more +

Strong Authentication for the Cloud with DAS

Extend enterprise authentication to cloud-hosted deployments with no changes to existing webapps and services
while maintaining full control of credential repositories with Cognitas DAS. learn more +

Mobile device security during the entire access lifecycle

Streamlining data protection, confidentiality, security, and compliance for enterprise mobile devices.
Secure Mobile Device Management (SMDM) learn more +

Trusted Collaboration & Mobility

TCM provides data protection, access control, authentication, and device management services in an integrated solution.

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Secure Data Access Anywhere

Total data security and control from anywhere, on any device using CrossLink, a VPN and role-based access control infrastructure.

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One-Tap, Two-Factor Authentication

PocketID turns mobile devices into a physical key to access digital assets, providing strong authentication with one-tap user response.

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